Barbara Wards 

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Location: Porirua, Wellington, NZ 

ph:  64 0 22 633 4889




BA Hons, (VUW),  Diploma in Education (Massey), Diploma in Teaching (Canty),  learning clinic combining kinesiology and tutoring since 1984., Brain Gym International Faculty since 1992, Brain Gym and Touch for Health Instructor.


I work as a “Learning Detective” kinesiologist.  What lies under the surface of whatever learning challenges you are having, how can I show you how this affects you, and what can I assist you to do to overcome it? How can you become your best you?


Lots of things hinder the ability to learn and remember.  I work with fine and gross motor (movement) and coordination, vision, hearing, confidence and attention, so anyone, any age, can better cope with academic skills, work, play and self -management. Some of this has underlying stress issues we didn’t even know about—physical, emotional, environmental, energetic. 


I have long been interested in the influence of dominance in how people learn, especially in early childhood, and how to teach different kinds of learners.  Brain Gym and kinesiology combine brilliantly with tutoring to develop the physical skills needed for learning—vision, listening, coordination—that underlie academic success.  I have a special interest in working with children with poor movement—gross and fine.  I use a wide range of kinesiology training and reflex integration work including Rhythmic Movement.   

With adults work is mostly in the area of personal growth and emotional challenges.  I have a referral network which includes schools, parents, teachers and other specialists.



Barbara Wards  has run a full-time clinic from home since 1980’s. Most sessions are an hour, with the first one often 1 ½ hrs.


  •  Introduction to BG

  • BG 101

  • Vision Circles,

  • Optimal Brain Organization

  • Edu-K In Depth—7 Dimensions,

  • Brain Gym Teacher Practicum,

  • Creative Vision,  Touch for Health I—IV, a variety of my own movement development short courses for teachers, Clinical Skills course for  consultants.