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Paul E Dennison PhD. & Gail E Dennison
The Companion “Guide to Brain Gym® Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning” The 2010 revision of the 1994 Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition is written to deepen and broaden one’s understanding of the 26 Brain Gym® activities.

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Break the myth that aging creates memory loss. Overcoming Senior Moments, in an easy to read format, tells us what we need to keep our brains working.


A full – colour wall chart of the 26 Brain Gym® activities for children, demonstrating each movement. This is great for the classroom, home or workplace.

Available in two sizes medium and large. Waterproof and suitable for lamination


Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head, 
draws on science, our heritage of human wisdom and her own experiences as a biologist, parent and educator to advance an  empowering new view of reality. Playing in the Unified Field offers inspiration, models and practical advice for raising our families with coherence, presence, love and trust in their capacity to learn and grow.


This New Zealand production is for anyone using the PACE movements of Brain Gym®. This sequence works well with young children as well as adults.
The six versions of the song all have different musical styles so differing preferences can be met and variety


Biologist and educator Carla Hannaford tells us why we must move and how to move to fully activate our potential as learners. Smart Moves is a popular, readable book which explores how the body/mind processes sensation, emotion and thought. It emphasizes the power of Brain Gym® to enhance learning for everyone and the role of movement to reduce stress.


Enjoy the lively songs written and sungby Australian, Brendan O’Hara.
The Children’s Song Book and CD is the first in a Movement and Learning series. This song/activity book supports and enhances
the Brain Gym® programme.

This PACE poster clearly shows each of the four activities of PACE. A colourful addition for classrooms, children’s bedrooms or the offices of Brain Gym® consultants.


Delightful book for children that explains the importance of water, exercise and nutrition in creating a healthy brain. Detailed  explanations for parent and teachers included. This book has been revised from the first edition of The Brain Train.


By Paul E Dennison, Ph.D. and Gail E Dennison

Written in the first person story format, this book includes the 26 Brain Gym® movements and simple instructions for how to perform them. Recommended for all ages.


In his second children’s Song Book and CD Brendan O’Hara sings some more playful songs to move to. “Spin on Your Bottom” lends itself to doing the Rocker; “The Walking Song” and “Skip-a-long” to doing the Cross Crawl and Skip-Across Crawl and “Pitter Patter”
to doing Focused Nodding from Vision Gym™


Learners enjoy the physical (kinesthetic and tactile) experience of tracing the alphabet letters on this colourful poster. Let the student discover the alpha and beta letters. How do they feel alike? How do they feel different?

Waterproof and suitable for lamination


Discover how to be more effective, learn more easily and feel better. In her lively and entertaining book Sharon blends  up-to-date learning, stress and brain research with practical exercises and techniques, including specialized kinesiology, that have you moving beyond current limitations.


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