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Alexandra Partington


Mobile: 0204 192 7724



Bachelor Adult Education, Registered Educational Kinesiologist ,Brain Gym consultant, Bal A Vis X practitioner, Equine Facilitated Growth and Balance practitioner



I have been using Brain Gym movements for 30 years in my personal life and have introduced this technique to adult learners and school students for the last 10 years.



My passion in my work is to support young people and adults. Moving through life stages, supporting decision making, improving confidence, learning and realising their potential.


I have a passion to support learners - of all ages, but especially children - to feel empowered. So often, from a young age, we get labels such as ‘I’m not good at maths, I can’t read’ and it might take a lifetime to undo these deeply ingrained judgments of ourselves.



I work with the client’s natural abilities and developmental patterns, which may have become disrupted often due to stress or trauma. Educational Kinesiology uses whole body movements including Brain Gym™  and Touch for Health to activate the brain for learning. Goal setting is an important part of the work.  I use a combination of Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Bal A Vis X; these are all movement-based programs.


Bal A Vis X is a series of balance, auditory and vision exercises of varied complexity which are deeply rooted in rhythm. These exercises require full body coordination and focused attention.  The program utilises sandbags, racquet balls and balance boards.  Bal A Vis X promotes eye tracking, concentration, cooperation, self-challenge and flexibility in thinking. It is often perceived as fun and connecting way to cultivate mind, body, and system integration, and creates a can-do attitude. I want to work alongside you to reach your full potential and find confidence in yourself.

I offer in-person as well as online-sessions to support with:

•    Ease of learning ~ Neuro diversity

•    Overcoming anxiety

•    Reaching your full potential

•    Thriving amongst lives challenges

•    Alignment of whole body, mind and spirit

•    Joy, balance and harmony in life 


Whether you would like to receive a Balance, learn Bal A Vis X or Brain Gym Movements, I look forward to hearing from you.

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