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Helma Dalton


Location: North Shore, Auckland, NZ 

Phone: (09) 479 3727

Mob: 021 128 5692

Email: helmadalton@orcon.net.nz

Website: www.focustherapy.co.nz


 Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym consultant, Trained  Occupational Therapist. 



I trained as an Occupational Therapist over 25 years ago in the UK.  Since then I have worked in hospitals, schools and a private clinic, mostly in Paediatrics and for the last 12 years in my own business Focus Therapy on the North Shore of Auckland.

​I combine my skills in OT and Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology.  I also have Touch for Health, Sabotage Clearing and Rhythmic Movement Training in my toolkit.


I love working with people of all ages to address challenges they experience, so they can make the changes they are looking for. When working with younger clients I particularly value supporting parents/caregivers in their vital roles so that they can feel empowered to work with their child as a team.

Besides working with developmental challenges I address the learning, behavioural and emotional challenges. Stress, anxiety and low confidence are commonly experienced by my clientele.

The causes of many challenges can be found when looking at early development, which initially happened by reflexes.

Specific exercises will be chosen for a client to do at home so that new patterns of functioning can develop and made stronger by practice, thus giving the brain and body a second chance. As a consequence, dramatic improvements in functioning can take place.


 I run my clinic from home or online. Most sessions last for one hour, the initial session usually 1 1/2hours.

Sessions can also be done online. For many reasons that can be the preferred option, e.g. clients live at a great distance or parents would like to discuss challenges they and/or their child are experiencing, without the child being present.


 I am very passionate about my work and love seeing my clients make great progress when working together as a team.

Please contact me to discuss how I might be able to help you.