Jan Nalder 


ph: (04) 239 9632 

email: nalder@top.net.nz


I offer weekly literacy lessons for people with learning differences/difficulties, mostly school-aged, and generally who live in the Porirua/Kapiti coast areas.


Most balance work is done within the 5-step framework of Educational Kinesiology, and the menu can draw upon the material for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing including Brain Gym /Educational Kinesiology,  Rhythmic Movement Training, Flower Essences and others.  


I am especially interested in distant healing, and companion animal communication.  I have worked with many in NZ, and some as far-flung as Seattle, San Francisco and London. A photo showing the animal’s eyes and its location (address) is needed.



I spent 9 years in primary school teaching and worked with Parents Centers, Playcenter, and 32 years as a Speld teacher.  Dealing with the underlying physical abilities which assist the development of skills has become the obvious key area of my work.I began kinesiology studies in 1995, and continue to develop inventive ways to apply what I know for the client’s benefit.  This results in a good match with what the client wants and needs.


I am available as a consultant, and for short talks or internet conversations.  Inquiries can be made at nalder@top.net.nz, or 04 2399632.

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