Janet de Witt


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Janet de Witt - Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym Instructor. 

Reg Primary Teacher. B. TchLn., P. Grad Dip. Ed, Dip. E.H.C. Dip. T.E.S.S.O.L 

MY SPECIALITY is working with movement (body) and the brain (27 + years part/full time). In recent years, I have added specialized integration of retained primitive reflexes such as Moro, Fear Paralysis,  Spinal Galant  and their impact on  learning, behavior, self-regulation, anxiety  coordination, emotional health and wellbeing,  ( children and adults ).  I have recently completed the training to become a Rhythmic Movement Training International consultant. I use this modality in many of my sessions.  Following the Covid 19 Lockdown, I am also having a lot of success with online consultations, particularly for adults for a wide variety of areas, emotional, physical, self-sabotage, trauma, changing direction, and more.  I offer a 2 session special to release the impact of a difficult birth as I find this often has a flow-on positive effect on the mother/child relationship. Of course, this can all be at a global level and can be one-off or a series of sessions.


BACKGROUND: Many years of experience and knowledge in special education is woven into my work with children. I encourage parents to develop positive ways of interacting with their children while supporting the understandings of the child’s stresses, physiological challenges, and processing styles.   My specialty is quirky kids.  I often suggest FirstLight Essences as part of a take-home, short movement program.   I have had great feedback about the essences supporting anxiety, sleeplessness, and stress. I am always ready to refer on to other professionals/ practitioners if necessary and I have a good selection of trusted people. At times, I triage with other practitioners such as counselors, osteopaths,  psychologists/ doctors/class teachers and this can be very beneficial not only to the child but for families who are struggling to know what to do and when to take certain interventions. 


MODALITIES: I offer include: Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Rhythmic Movement Training International.


TEACHING:  Faculty for The Educational Kinesiology Foundation.  I   Teach the Core training courses to become an Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym instructor or Movement Facilitator.  Classes are small and designed to enhance your own personal development as well.  Ideally, students are encouraged to work with different instructors over their training period.  

I have started some Online teaching. for Brain Gym sessions, workshops, (1 day, 3 hours, etc.)  Double Doodle Play, Dominance Profiles.   (see website for the range of courses and Educational Kinesiology Training Schedule). 


Later in 2020, I will be offering short courses on Reflex integration, under the RMTi (Rhythmic Movement Training international) These could be ideal for parent groups, early childhood etc.    

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