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Janet de Witt



Location: North Shore, Auckland NZ. 

Mobile: 027 669 0783  

Website: www.brainbodyinsynch.com

Email: janet.dw066@gmail.com

Facebook: brainbodyinsynch


Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym Instructor., Rhythmic Movement Training  International Consultant. Primary Teacher. B. TchLn., P. Grad Dip. Ed, Dip. E.H.C. Dip. T.E.S.S.O.L.


Many years of experience and knowledge in special education is woven into my work with children. I encourage parents to develop positive ways of interacting with their children while supporting the understanding of the child’s stresses, physiological challenges, and processing styles. My specialty is quirky kids. Alongside a home based movement program I  often support the positive changes with First Light Essences  I am always ready to refer on to other professionals/ practitioners if necessary and I have a good selection of trusted people. At times, I triage with other practitioners such as counsellors, osteopaths,  psychologists/ doctors/class teachers and this can be very beneficial not only to the child but for families who specific interventions. 


I have been working with movement (body) and the brain (27 + years part/full time). In recent years, I have specialised integration of retained primitive reflexes such as Moro, Fear Paralysis,  Spinal Galant as their retention impacts on learning, behaviour, self-regulation, anxiety, coordination, emotional health and wellbeing,  ( children and adults ). I use RMTi protocols in my sessions and online. Online sessions have been very successful for reflex integration with parent coaching and also for adults in a wide variety of areas, including emotional, physical, self-sabotage, trauma, changing direction, and more. I offer a 2 session special to release the impact of a difficult birth as I find this often has a flow-on positive effect on the mother/child relationship. Of course, this can all be at a global level and can be one-off or a series of sessions. 


At Brain Body in Synch I work with Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Rhythmic Movement Training.

COURSES OFFERED online and in-person

  • Intro to Brain Gym 

  • Brain Gym 101

  •  Brain Gym 104

  • Seven Dimensions

  • Double Doodle Play

  • Optimal Brain Organisation. 

  • Dominance Profiles

  • Workshops for Target groups, e.g. B.G. for Seniors,  Educators, Health Care professionals, Counsellors etc.