Re-Certification Requirements

To retain your status in just about every field these days, it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest thinking and maintain an active interest in your field. We encourage you to extend your skills and knowledge by taking post-qualifying enrichment courses from Faculty and visiting Foundation trainers when these are offered, if possible. 

To maintain your registration as an Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym® Instructor and to be endorsed by Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®) NZ Inc, you MUST be a current financial member of this organisation and RETURN your Annual Certification to the Faculty Qualifications Register in February each year. Forms will be emailed to you with information about recertification and the Annual AGM each February.

Evidence (copies of certificates or explanations) need to be submitted for you to be issued with an annual date sticker to be affixed to your Practicing Certificate. Some flexibility is available depending on individual circumstances. People listed as Educational Kinesiologists and/or Brain Gym® instructors on need to be active and available to take clients and/or teach Brain Gym® Courses.

From time to time, Faculty will present Instructor/Consultant updates, especially when new teaching manuals/concepts need to be explained. This keeps you up to date with how Brain Gym® is being presented internationally and allows useful cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques. 


Registered Educational Kinesiologists / Brain Gym® Instructors need to do a total of 28 hours of further training/course work/Conference /AGM attendance every two years. Some flexibility and leeway are necessary here as people’s lives vary over time. 


Other updating hours may include:
  •  Attending an International Educational Kinesiology Conference (maximum of 28 hours)

  •  Touch for Health 3 or 4, or first repeats of any TFH class

  •  Additional Edu-K or enrichment courses (first time or repeat)

  •  Attending a designated update, run by Faculty.

  •  Attending other kinesiology courses (—submit details), e.g. Rhythmic Movement Training, Bal a Vis 

  •  Additional training you consider relevant to Edu-K (submit details)

  •  Edu-K research projects or publishing (submit details)

  •  Talks and presentations given (submit details)

  •  Ongoing application of BG in your work (submit details)

  •  Teaching BG, VC, OBO classes

  •  Updating First Aid / CPR training