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Introduction to Brain Gym

Creative Writing with Brain Gym
March 19, 2023
9am - 1pm
No. Hours
$80 *Early bird is $65
About the Course

It's been many years since Educational Kinesiology classes have been run in Christchurch, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

With your support I can bring this amazing therapy back to Christchurch


  • You can learn Brain Gym for yourself - enjoy the blend of movement, neurology and relaxation


  • You can learn Brain Gym to help your children at school - fun activities to improve your child's ability to learn and understand.


  • You can learn Brain Gym to start a new career - first step on the road to becoming an Educational Kinesiologist.


  • You can learn Brain gym to use in your work - beneficial for nurses, teachers, occupational therapists and those working with the elderly or brain injuries.

It is hoped that this workshop will be the first of many not only in Christchurch but in other parts of the New Zealand.

Book via Jean's website - Pain Anxiety & Stress Clinic. Otherwise you can reach her by email, or phone: 03 341 0148.

Your Instructor

Jean Jordan
Jean Jordan

With an experienced Educational Kinesiologist, Naturopath and Brain Gym Consultant (AKA me) by your side, you can join a small group to learn how to improve your flexibility and balance with the added bonus of getting your brain back on track and on your side!

Hi, I’m Jean Jordan. Before becoming a Natural Therapist, I was an educator so these workshops are an ideal opportunity to combine these skills to help you make changes.

For 20 years, I've worked with a variety of people to help them regain their lives and overcome challenges.

​Over the past two years of postgraduate study at Otago University, my knowledge of the brain neurons, their neuroplasticity, and how the brain and body are connected, has deepened.

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