Training in New Zealand is overseen by  3 Faculty Members of  Breakthroughs International /the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.


Contacts for training: 


These notes and explanations support the Training Record Card  kept by students.  The sequence of classes can vary according to availability.  


New Zealand Training Schedule

  • Introduction to Brain Gym  (min - 6 hours - 8 hours)

  • Double Doodle Play (8 hours) 

  • Dominance Profiles and 4 Case studies (optional) (4-6 hours)

  • Brain Gym® 101 (Plus case studies see below)  Prerequisite: Intro to BG 32 hours 4 days or equivalent, includes practices (as above) 

X-pand balance forms at the end of the first BG 101. Students submit their six case studies to their instructor for evaluation.

  • Brain Gym 101 repeat (different instructor if possible) 32 hours 


Brain Gym Case Studies (Total 18 hrs plus above)

(6 X-pand balances) 5 people plus one self-balance. Instructors hand out Case Study and When the Instructor is satisfied that the student has a good grasp of the concepts and procedures of Brain Gym, they sign that item on the Student Record Card, and students record it in their own files. Students will send a record of completed course requirements to Faculty. **Consultation Log begins after completion of BG 101 case studies. 1-day (min. 6 hours)


 Movement Facilitator Training  Schedule 

  • Brain Gym 104 - 26 Movements.  Movement Facilitator training (16 hours) 

  • Brain Gym 104 - Case studies of 26 Movements. Up to 5 with 1 person.  (16 hours)  

  • Brain Gym 110 - Movement Facilitator Teacher Training.  (16 hours)​

  • Touch for Health 1 and  Touch for Health 2  Touch for Health 3 and 4 are highly recommended but are required for registering with NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners NZ Inc.) 32 hours 

  • Vision Circles - 24 hours, (3 days)

  • Optimal Brain Organisation 16 hours (2 days)

  • Edu-K in Depth (7 Dimensions) EID (40hours)

  • In-Depth Case studies - 6 people seen 3x each. Case studies presented to Trainer (40hrs) 

    • 40 open book questions (40 hours)

    • Required  Reading Brain Gym Teacher’s Edition, Brain Gym and Me, Educate Your Brain, Smart Moves. Books available from Educational Kinesiology (BG) NZ Inc. Library. (25 hours)      


Edu-K in Depth Repeat (40 hours)                                      

Tutorials (on-going practice sessions with Instructor) 20 hours

Consultation experience (begin log after completion of 101 case studies) 150 hours


Note: This needs to be flexible as students are applying their skills in a variety of contexts. Discuss with faculty if there are any challenges working out how to work this for individual students. The purpose is for the student to have developed good procedural, balancing and people skills by the time they qualify. This should be completed before attending the Practicum. Student keeps a log of hours spent and submits this along with full records of balances given to their Faculty/Trainer. These do not need to be evaluated in detail as In-Depth Case Studies were but should include some follow-up with their “clients “. (50 hours credit to the above hours  can include completion of Movement Facilitator Training and group work). 


  1. Attending an Edu K Annual  Conference - These hours can count towards the 150 Consultation Log Hours (Maximum Hours that can be claimed are 32 hours).  

  2. Practicum – This is the final stage of training to become a Registered  Educational Kinesiologist. For students who wish to Teach Introduction to Brain Gym and Brain Gym 101 and/or proceed with teacher training for other Kinesiology courses see box below to become a Reg. Brain Gym Instructor. (40 hours)

  3. Acquire (and maintain current) a First Aid /CPR Certificate. (16 hours)        


Satisfactory completion of all these requirements, qualifies the student to be an Educational Kinesiologist registered with  Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc. This organisation is affiliated to the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, (also known as Brain Gym International and Breakthroughs International). 


Faculty may require a student to repeat some part of the training, or to do additional work if they are not satisfied that adequate understanding of Edu-K principles, procedures and concepts have been demonstrated by the student).

Total Hours: 587 hours


This accredits you to:  

  • receive your Registered Educational Kinesiologist certificate

  • call yourself an Educational Kinesiologist 

  • create a business card

  • use the Brain Gym trademark

  • be listed on

  • advertise for clients/students

  • charge for your skills

  • give short talks about Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym  

  • teach Introduction to Brain Gym. ( up to 8  hours credit)

  • register with the NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners NZ ( This is optional                                          


It requires you to:

  • Represent Edu-K and Brain Gym in accordance with the policies, practices, and principles of the Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc and of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.


To become a Registered Brain Gym Instructor  ( BG 101) 80 hours - you need to:

  •  Have taught an  Introduction to Brain Gym  (Min 6 hours) 

  •  Have taught a BG 101 course 

  •  Have written  a self-evaluation and submitted it to your Faculty trainer. 


To maintain your Registered. Educational-Kinesiologist status, see Recertification requirements below. 

Total Hours: 619

 If you wish to register with  Natural Health Practitioners NZ Inc,  (32 hours)  You need to do:

  • Touch for Health  3  and Touch for Health 4.