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Vitalising our Nature Connection

An Integrated Movements Play Shop
10am - 1pm NZST
Online via Zoom
No. Hours
$110 NZD
22 July 2023
About the Course

Every day brings new growth and new concerns. How can we best harness the vital energy available to us and transform challenges into new learning and formations?

Join Paul and Gail Dennison in this deepening of the Integrated Movements from the Edu-K in Depth, 7-Dimensions course. We’ll use the Five Elements and the Integrated Movements to explore our relationship with ourself and others.

We’ll be doing a group balance and/or a few individual balances, along with sharing anecdotes. Let's discover new ways to fine-tune our goals and intentions, and to live into them!

To register, please download the registration form below. Once you have paid the tuition fee and completed the form, please return it to Alexandra -

Playshop Registration Form_July 2023
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Your Instructor

Paul and Gail Dennison

Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., is a professional educator, an authority on the attainment of cognitive and academic skills, and a pioneer in the field of Educational Kinesiology. In the 1960s, he began the research into reading achievement and its relation to brain development that would eventually form the basis for the Brain Gym program. Paul received the Phi Delta Kappa award for Outstanding Research at the University of Southern California; and was granted a Doctorate in Education for his research in beginning reading and its relationship to cognitive development and silent speech (thinking) skills. Using his discoveries of the interdependence of physical development, language acquisition, and academic achievement, he began to develop the basis of Educational Kinesiology. Eventually, Paul joined forces with Gail, an artist and movement educator, who later became his wife and collaborator.

The Dennisons gathered some of their favorite activities for learning and moving, gave them playful names, and organised them according to three dimensions of movement, publishing them in a little orange book called Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning. This series of activities is known today as the Brain Gym movements, and are and integral part of the Brain Gym program.

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