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Bring out the best in your quirky child

Quirky kids are my passion. They have this wonderful creative potential but they often struggle and under-perform educationally. It is most rewarding to see them gain skills and strategies to help cope and flourish in everyday life.

If a child reports they received player of the day at soccer, felt confident giving a speech, or their writing/drawing has improved, I know I have facilitated a positive change in that child’s life.

Change is experienced over a series of sessions and incorporates parents/caregivers implementing a playful movement programme at home encouraging consistency.

Below is a range of outcomes that can be experienced after a series of sessions:

  • Learning can become easier and faster (eg. reading, writing, physical coordination) as the underlying physiology around learning becomes more efficient

  • Challenges in learning and development may reduce

  • Retained primitive reflex movements are integrated, i.e no longer observable.

  • Decrease in sensory overload, sound, taste, tactile defensiveness

  • Improvement in balance

  • Positive changes to fine motor and handwriting skills

  • Increased ability to focus and attend/complete tasks

  • Improved performance in sports/whole body movement e.g. soccer, swimming, dancing, martial arts, the arts and drama

  • Decrease in ‘explosive’ behaviour

  • An overall increase in risk-taking behaviour, confidence and calmness

Best results are achieved when there is commitment to a daily movement programme, with the parent being actively involved. Sessions are spaced 3-4 weeks apart and typically over a 6 month period.

Janet de Witt is an Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym Instructor who has been working with movement (body) and the brain for 27+ years. To find out more about Janet's services or to book a session for your child with Janet contact her directly via her profile.

This article has been re-published and edited from its original format (with permission) on Janet de Witt's website, Brain Body In Synch.


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