New Zealand website for Brain Gym Instructor and  Movement Facilitator Training, plus Educational Kinesiology Training and Registration.


International website;

training, conferences, international links, 


Website of Paul and Gail Dennison.

Lots of Edu K wisdom on this site.  




Contact Anne for a Brain Gym books and posters. 

Instructors: BG 101 manuals and Double Doodle Play Manuals 


Website specialising in a huge range of books and resources available for Kinesiologists or anyone interested. 



Brain/Body Physiology + learning




The Brain Unlocked

– how to use your Brain to create Miracles, Magic and Amazing Opportunities


Lots of information about the magic of applied neuroscience


Energetic  Kinesiology :

A Revolutionary way of thinking by

 Charles T. Krebs + Tania O'Neil McGowan.


A fascinating book about the theories and science behind Kinesiology and why it works. 



The Executive  and Frontal Lobe


Another amazing text on the brain and the body connections. 


An interesting website to take Kinesiology into wider contexts.