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Educational Kinesiologist | Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant

New Zealand Core Curriculum

Become a registered New Zealand Educational Kinesiologist / Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant, by completing the below training in person or online.


The training sequence depends on the current schedule availability and prerequisite requirements. It takes approximately 18 months - 2 years to complete all required training including; course hours, home study and practical application hours.

Home schooling

Training Requirements.

The four levels may overlap depending on the availability of courses.


Level One

  • Introduction to Brain Gym *not compulsory, although highly recommended

  • BG101 - Brain Gym 101

  • BG101 - Brain Gym 101 (repeat) *different Instructor if possible

  • Six case studies


Level Three

  • EID301 -Educational Kinesiology In Depth (repeat)

  • Tutorials

  • In-depth Consultation experience *50 hours


Level Two

  • OBO201 - Optimal Brain Organisation

  • Touch for Health 1 & 2  

  • VC220 - Vision Circles *not compulsory

  • EID301 - Educational Kinesiology In-Depth

  • 6 In-Depth Case studies *3 sessions with each person

  • 40 open book questions

  • Required Reading


Level Four

  • P401 - Teacher's Practicum

  • Acquire and maintain a First Aid /CPR Certificate     

  • Become a member of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc.

  • Maintain Professional Status

Maintaining your Professional Status.

Like many professions, it's necessary to remain up to date with new findings and research to retain Practitioner and Instructor status. We encourage members to continuously extend their skills and knowledge by taking post-qualifying enrichment courses, and other relevant professional development opportunities.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Every four years, Registered Educational Kinesiologists | Brain Gym Instructors must complete 48 hours of relevant training.   

Total hours can incorporate coursework, conferences, AGM attendance or any of the below:

  • Attend an International Educational Kinesiology Conference

  • Touch for Health 3 or 4, or repeat Touch for Health 1 or 2

  • Additional Educational Kinesiology or enrichment courses (first time or repeat)

  • Attend a designated update

  • Attend other kinesiology courses such as; Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) or BAL-A-VIS-X

  • Other training you consider relevant to Educational Kinesiology

  • Educational Kinesiology research projects or publishing 

  • Talks and presentations given

  • Ongoing application of Brain Gym in your work 

  • Teaching Brain Gym, Visioncircles (VC), Optimal Brain Organisation (OBO) classes

  • Updating First Aid / CPR training

  • Attend or present professional development online in NZ

We schedule hybrid (online and in-person) courses all year round, from introductory workshops to professional member training. If you can't find a date for the workshop you'd like to attend, please contact a Faculty Member.

"The list of worries that Harry (6 yrs) had last term are certainly less of a problem now."

Mother | Glendowie, Auckland

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