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Brain Gym
Movement Facilitator

New Zealand Training Pathway

The Licensed Movement Facilitator track is an entry level track whereby one may teach the 26 Brain Gym movements along with a few basic concepts in exchange for a fee. 

To become a Licensed Brain Gym Movement Facilitator, you will need to:

1. Complete the outlined course framework below

2. Sign the Movement Facilitator Agreement

3. Pay an annual membership fee to Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc.

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Training Requirements.

By completing the Brain Gym Movement Facilitator training requirements below, students are able to teach; Introduction to Brain Gym, BG104 - Brain Gym 26 Movements and conduct short Brain Gym presentations.


On completion, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc. will register you as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator. Some training hours can be cross credited towards the Educational Kinesiologist / Brain Gym Instructor training pathway should you wish to continue your training. Speak with one of our Faculty Members to learn more. 


Brain Gym 26 Movements


 Movement Facilitator Training


Brain Gym 101

Sign licencing agreement

26 Movement

Case Studies

Maintain Movement Facilitator 


We schedule hybrid (online and in-person) courses all year round, from introductory workshops to professional member training. If you can't find a date for the workshop you'd like to attend, please contact a Faculty Member.

"The list of worries that Harry (6 yrs) had last term are certainly less of a problem now."

Mother | Glendowie, Auckland

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