Registered Educational Kinesiologists and Brain Gym Instructors

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North Island

Janet de Witt

North Shore, Auckland

mob: 027 6690783  ph:  (09) 473 8660



Kinesiology is a wonderful tool for supporting both children and adults to deal with their challenges.  As a registered and practicing Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor of many years, I specialize  in working with  children and teenagers (and  parents/caregivers)   with issues, around anxiety, learning, sensory integration, coordination, and retained infant reflexes. My practice is informed by a  career in special education and I aim to support parents and caregivers with strategies  and skills also. I work with adults with anxiety, body balancing needs, as well as clearing sabotages so that they can move forward with ease.  As NZ Faculty, I also educate those wishing to know more about Kinesiology. 

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North Island

Helma Dalton

North Shore, Auckland

ph: (09) 4793727   mob: 021 1285692



I’m passionate about helping children and adults overcome developmental, learning, behavioural and emotional challenges.

As an experienced practitioner with an array of knowledge, skills and techniques, I aim to make a difference in my clients everyday lives.

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North Island

Jan Nalder

Porirua, Wellington

ph: (04) 239 9632 


My joy is seeing children of any age flourish when we have completed reflex and sensory sequences, which leads into easy purposeful movement patterns, then into resolving learning difficulties. I use several versions of kinesiology, and my services also include distant healing and animal communication. 

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North Island

Helene Young

Merrilands, New Plymouth

mob: 027 5397359


Helene Young works with CYF children with learning or behavioural difficulties. (6months -15years)
Young people making life choices, feeling depressed  or out of sorts with goals. (15-30)
Adults dealing with transitional changes-divorce, death, work, health issues; anything that is causing them to notice something needs to shift!
Co-ordination, sports, learning improvements! 

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North Island

Margaret Underwood

New Plymouth 

ph: (06) 758 1294 mob: 021 237 4550


I am a practicing Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor. I work with any age group from new born through to the very elderly. I am  available for classes in Brain Gym 101, 104, OBO, Vision Circles and to do balances. I also enjoy making school presentations. teaching teachers how to use Brain Gym and balances in the classroom.


Recently I have completed  some Soul Power Training and I  am currently training  with RMTi , (  Rhythmic Movement Training). 

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North Island

Barbara Wards

Paremata, Porirua 

ph: (04) 233 0123

I have long been interested in the influence of dominance in how people learn, especially in early childhood, and how to teach different kinds of learners.  Brain Gym and kinesiology combine brilliantly with tutoring to develop the physical skills needed for learning—vision, listening, coordination—that underlie academic success.  I have a special interest in working with children with poor movement—gross and fine.  I use a wide range of kinesiology training and reflex integration work including Rhythmic Movement.    I often describe myself to children as a ‘learning detective’.


North Island

Anne Doig

Hastings, Hawke’s Bay

ph: (06) 8788694


Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® benefit all who use it, no matter the age.  I am enthusiastic and passionate about the possibilities within us all.  It is my goal to share Edu-K knowledge to draw out one’s innate potential.  


North Island

Fatima Dollie

Central Auckland


ph:  (09) 6317820


I am an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor working in the area of learning challenges. I am involved in mainstream education  at both primary and high school levels and have done considerable research into effective ways to help children learn and feel good about themselves.


South Island

Joanne Inder

Dalmore, Dunedin

ph: (03) 4738 903,

mob: 021 325 695

I believe that exploring living and becoming who we are creates fulfilment, and together, hope for humanity and our world. For myself, becoming who I am has given me my greatest challenges and richest experiences.


South Island

Sally Goldsworthy

Rangiora, Christchurch


mob: 021 268 2821


Clients:  Children and adults with learning challenges, health issues, behavioural problems, emotional issues, sports people wishing to improve performance.

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark (NZ and Internationally) for the Brain Gym® movements and Introductory level training of the Educational Kinesiology Programme.