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Below is an outline of courses offered each year by Instructors and Movement Facilitators. They aim to help you grow your knowledge in Educational Kinesiology and expand your practice and teachings.


Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc. Instructors and Movement Facilitators are independent contractors who handle their own course registration processes including; fees, schedule and location.

All courses come with a money-back guarantee. If you feel you haven't gained anything from a course please let the Instructor know before the end of the final day and ask for a refund of the course fee.

Level 1

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Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 6

Introducing you to the concepts of movement and learning through the simple, intentional movements, known as the Brain Gym 26 Movements. Facilitators use an experiential, playful approach so you can learn how to function at your best, improve your readiness to learn new things and defuse your stress response to your world. The movements are suitable for all ages, from children to seniors. 

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

BG101 - Brain Gym 101
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 32

Experience the power of whole brain integration through whole body movement using the 26 Brain Gym exercises, the Edu-K Balance processes and Dennison Laterality Repatterning.

BG101 supports you in reaching personal goals that relate to whole body movement, sensory processing, communication and coordination. 

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

A great course for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals. 

Prices vary by Instructor and location. 26 points for licensure.

Active Senior Couple
BG104 - Brain Gym 26 Movements
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 16

Revisit the 26 Brain Gym exercises in-depth and experience the benefits personally. Gain a better understanding of the philosophy behind the programme and develop the skills and know-how to support your daily life.  Open to all. 

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

DD105 - Double Doodle Play
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 8

The exploration of whole brain vision. An entry into the world of Edu-K through exploring the (Brain Gym) Double Doodle as a unique experience of two-handed learning. Expand its application to artistic expression, creative play, eye/hand coordination even vision improvement.


DD105 is hands-on fun for parents, teachers, therapists, and stroke /brain injury patients of all ages. 

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

Designer's World

Level 2

Drawing on a Board
BG110 - 26 Movement Facilitator Training
Prerequisites: BG101 + BG104     |     No. Hours: 16

The course prepares you to become a Licensed Brain Gym Movement Facilitator who can teach Brain Gym 104 and create customised workshops for up to 6 hours. Participants practice teaching concepts, as well as giving and receiving feedback. The course covers administrative details for Movement Facilitators.

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

OBO201 - Optimal Brain Organisation
Prerequisites: BG101    |     No. Hours: 16

Optimal Brain Organisation leads you to discover the concepts of hemispheric specialisation, identification, and one to one balancing to facilitate whole brain learning. Develop your connections for functioning your best in all circumstances — think details and big picture with the ability to shift between these two states. 

Prices vary by Instructor and location. 

Teacher & Student
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 24

A road map to achieving developmental skills via movement, play, and art, with a key focus on vision enhancement. Visioncircles is a fantastic interactive course that explores how we develop sight and vision, hearing and listening, speaking and writing.


Prices vary by instructor and location. 24 credit points for licensure.

Level 3

EID301 - Educational Kinesiology In Depth
Prerequisites: BG101     |     No. Hours: 32

This exciting kinesiology class expands on the three dimensions taught in BG101 by adding breadth and depth whilst exploring four new dimensions. The four dimensions include motivation, breathing reflex, cranial movement and body regulation.


Hands-on experience with seven dimensions of body movement, focusing on how each can support or block the learning process. Attendees will learn how to permanently integrate the principles of whole brain learning into their own processes.

Image by Robert Collins

Prices vary by Instructor and location. 

MRE350 - Movement Re-Education
Prerequisites: EID301     |     No. Hours: 24

The three-day workshop, authored by Dr Paul and Gail Dennison, focuses notably on the "structure realm" in the Educational Kinesiology process. An opportunity for exploration, review, and hands-on practice of muscle lengthening techniques. Participants learn the relationship of emotions, vision, and posture to brain integration. Included are the latest releases and activations that help to complete postural and structural changes. 

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

Pressure Points
Mother and Baby on Floor
TCR311 - Total Core Repatterning
Prerequisites: EID301     |     No. Hours: 24

Total Core Repatterning focuses on primitive homolateral reflexes that become integrated into our being. Be introduced to the latest techniques for integrating primitive reflexes which interfere with learning and mature motor control. These tools are highly beneficial for helping all individuals, regardless of neurological or physiological limitations.

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

Prerequisites: EID301. VC220 Recommended     |     No. Hours: 24

The Creative Vision workshop presents an objective and subjective exploration of the learner's visual capacity. Participants will gain a new understanding of vision and movement and how they relate to learning reading and other life skills.

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

Level 4

Smiling Teacher

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

P401 - Brain Gym Teacher Practicum
  • BG101 x2
  • OBO201
  • 96 hours of electives (or 16 if using Core Curriculum)
  • 14 credits of Anatomy or Kinesiology (TFH counts)
  • EID301 including required case studies + balances

The Teacher Practicum has been developed for those who wish to successfully teach Brain Gym in a class or private setting. The course provides instruction in theory, teaching methods, procedures, and the development of an action plan for achieving professional goals.

|                      No. Hours: 32

Special Interest Courses

Touch for Health I
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 16

In Touch for Health I you'll learn how energy flows within the body and how to conduct muscle testing. The course focuses on nutrition and how stress can compromise health, well-being and our ability to act in the world.  Simple pain management techniques are also taught.

Prices vary by Instructor and location.

Meditating in Backyard
Remote Learning
Touch for Health II
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 16

Develop a deeper understanding of muscle testing and corrections, how to test for food sensitivity and more about muscle (dys)functions. Learn the Traditional Chinese Medicine five elements and begin to balance using this wonderful life philosophy of change and interaction. Each one of us is a marvel of complexity!

Prices vary by Instructor and location. 

Brain Dominance Profiles
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: 8

Based on the work by Dr Carla Hannaford.

Has your life been shaped by your Dominance Patterns? This introductory course teaches you why the brain upshifts and downshifts with stress and how your lead dominance helps you to survive.


Discover your own profile pattern and learn how to identify those of others, from the 32 patterns that Hannaford describes. The course will help you understand the sensory processing style for yourself and others. Do you want the detail or the big picture? Do you miss verbal instructions under stress? Where should your child sit in a classroom to maximise their sensory input?

Prices vary by Instructor and location. 

Attentive Therapist
Remote Learning
Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi)
Prerequisites: None     |     No. Hours: TBC

A Swedish movement training specialist, Kerstin Linde, developed movements based on her observations of how infants are meant to move.  

RMTi movements are based on replicating infant movements they naturally make. During RMTi training you will learn these movements and how to integrate the reflexes so that learning, communication, behaviour, emotional and general well-being can be given the opportunity to be accessed and developed.

Prices vary by Instructor and location. 

We schedule hybrid (online and in-person) courses all year round, from introductory workshops to professional member training. If you can't find a date for the workshop you'd like to attend, please contact a Faculty Member.

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