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Brain Gym NZ

Our specialty lies in the understanding of natural movement patterns and how they relate to learning and performing.

We believe that addressing the whole body, what we call the “physical skills of learning and performing,” is critical to optimal living and learning.


We can “learn how to learn” by stabilising our vestibular balance, grounding our physical structures and mastering self-calming. Doing so prepares us to master the physical skills required for the mental, cognitive, and language skills necessary for higher thinking. When the structural and physical foundations are in place, we experience less tension and stress, enhancing the flow of learning, performing, and communication.

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Reclaim the joy of living with the Brain Gym programme.

We trust in the innate intelligence of every individual. Each of us is unique, and the solution for one may not be the solution for another.


Therefore, our goal is to allow the client or student to lead—developing self-trust and personal empowerment along the way. For example, a parent may want their child to improve in reading, whereas the child may want to increase playground or social skills.


The child’s subsequent success on the playground has a positive impact on her confidence. This opens her up to now focus on reading, as relieving stress in one area allows focus in another.

Faculty Members

Faculty Members are part of the leadership team and are responsible for teaching advanced courses including teacher training. 

International Faculty Members have the added responsibilities of; overseeing the curriculum, training further Faculty Members and attending International Faculty meetings.

Currently, Margaret Underwood and Barbara Wards are International Faculty Members.

Professional members who wish to become part of the Faculty can apply through Brain Gym International.

Barbara Wards

International Faculty

022 633 4889

Porirua, Wellington

Margaret Underwood

International Faculty 

021 237 4550

New Plymouth 

Dabbing in Water


We are committed to the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning. Through our outstanding instructors and movement-based programs, we empower all ages to reclaim the joy of living.

Mission Goals:

> Promote learning through play

> Draw out and honour innate intelligence

> Build awareness regarding the value of movement in daily life

> Emphasise the ability to notice and respond to movement-based needs

> Encourage self-responsibility

> Leave each participant appreciated and valued

> Empower each participant to better take charge of their own learning

> Encourage creativity and self-expression


The Educational Kinesiology Foundation (EKF) is dedicated to:

> Celebrating each individual’s unique learning style.


> Creating and promoting educational and wellness programmes designed to increase human potential, reduce stress, and address learning challenges.

> Providing resources to the public via outreach and dissemination of information related to our programmes

> Collaborating with other organisations whose missions are in alignment with and/or complementary to ours.

Family at a Beach
Brain Gym aligns with Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) partnership and hauora (health), the holistic view of wellbeing.
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