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 Training in Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym® 

What you need to know

Training is offered in the main cities in New Zealand and Instructors are always prepared to travel to present courses in smaller communities on request. These are number dependent.  


Courses that are open to all have no pre-requisites. Other courses may be part of the core training for Educational Kinesiologists, Brain Gym® Instructors, or Brain Gym® 26 Movement Facilitators. From time to time other courses based on movement are offered e.g. Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi), Touch for Health Kinesiology, Bal – a - VISX. 


Annual Conference

Currently held over 2 via telezoom.  This includes advanced professional training in Kinesiology, mini workshops from Consultants and Instructors and the Annual General Meeting of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®) NZ Inc.  This is open to members of this organisation and other Kinesiologists.  


International Conferences

These are held annually and are open to anyone interested in Kinesiology - link to for information.

There are cross overs to other Kinesiology Training Organisations in New Zealand. We endeavour to foster a community of professional sharing with other Kinesiologists both in New Zealand and at a global level.  


Training Pathways
  1. Brain Gym 26 - Movement Facilitator (this is a shorter training path)

  2. Educational Kinesiology Consultant 

  3. Brain Gym® Instructor


Monitoring of Standards 
  • All students are taught by registered Educational Kinesiology Instructors.

  • Advanced level training for Seven Dimensions and Teacher Practicum are taught by Faculty.

  • All Edu K instructors are required to be members of  Educational Kinesiology ( Brain Gym®) Inc.NZ  and adhere to their standards.   

  • Continuing professional development is a requirement for Educational Kinesiologists, Brain Gym® instructors and Brain Gym® 26 Movement Facilitators. 

Join our professional, supportive and fun group of practitioners. 

    Our courses include:

    1. Introduction to Brain Gym® - 6 hours minimum

    Open to all. This introductory course introduces you to the concepts of movement and learning and some simple, intentional movements ( The Brain Gym® 26). Facilitators use an experiential, playful approach so that you can learn how to function at your best, improve your readiness to learn new things and defuse your stress response to your world. These movements can be used by all ages, from children to seniors — leads onto Brain Gym® 101. See course.


    2. Double Doodle Play - 1 day

    The exploration of whole brain vision. An entry into the world of Edu-K through exploring the (Brain Gym®) Double Doodle as a unique experience of two-handed learning. Expand its application to artistic expression, innovative play, eye/hand coordination even vision improvement. Hands-on fun for parents, teachers, therapists, and stroke /brain injury patients of all ages. 


    3. Brain Dominance Profiles - 1 day

    Based on the work by Dr Carla Hannaford. Open to all.

    Has your life been shaped by your Dominance Patterns? This introductory course teaches you about the way the brain upshifts and downshifts with stress and how your lead dominances help you to survive. Discover your own profile pattern and learn how to identify those of others from the 32 patterns that Hannaford describes. This course helps you to understand the sensory processing styles of yourself and others. Do you want the detail or the big picture? Do you miss verbal instructions under stress? Where should your child sit in a classroom to maximize their sensory input.? Find out in this Introductory course. Leads on to OBO – Optimal Brain Organisation

    4. Vision Circles®  - 24 Hours  

    Open to all. A wonderful interactive course experiencing how we develop seeing and vision, hearing and listening, speaking and writing through interaction, cooperation and play. Moving through eight themed circles… as above. Challenge yourself to PLAY!!

    5. Brain Gym® 101 - 32 Hours
    Follows on from Intro to BG, leads to  Movement Facilitator Training and to full Educational Kinesiologist  Training. Repeated. This course introduces participants to the concepts and techniques of Educational Kinesiology for one to one and self-balancing. Experience the power of whole brain integration through whole body movement using the Brain Gym® 26,  Edu-K Balance processes and Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Practical application of the concepts of laterality (left/right) centring on emotional regulation, and focusing on being present, are explored. An amazing movement-based tool that acknowledges individual differences. Supports reaching personal goals around whole body movement, sensory processing, communication and coordination. For students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals. For use one to one or working with groups. Completion requires case studies and some practice sessions.

    6. Optimal Brain Organisation - 16 hours

    Follows on from Dominance Profiles and BG 101. This course leads you to discover the concepts of hemispheric specialization, identification, and one to one balancing to facilitate whole brain learning. Develop your connections for functioning your best in all circumstances —details and big picture context and the ability to shift between the states. 

    7. Brain Gym® 104  - 26 Movements - 16 hours

    Follows on from Intro to BG and is part of the short- training track leading to a qualification as a  registered   Movement Facilitator. 

    This course revisits in-depth experience of the Brain Gym® 26 movements and the potential for adaptation. The focus is to develop your skills to introduce movements to all ages. Completing case studies is required to move on to the BG110 teacher training.

    8. Touch for Health I - 16  hours 

    Pre-requisite for Edu-K in Depth course as it prepares students for concepts and content taught there. TFH III and IV are highly recommended but not essential for completing Consultant Registration. Learn accurate muscle checking/testing, beginning understanding of energy flows in the body, and several ways to correct these. Learn how nutrition and stress compromise health, well-being and our ability to act in the world. Learn some simple pain management.

    9. Touch for Health Kinesiology Level II - 16hrs 

    Learn more about muscle tests and corrections, how to test for food sensitivity and more about muscle (dys)functions. Learn the Chinese law of Five Elements and begin to balance using this wonderful life philosophy of change and interaction. Each one of us is a marvel of complexity!

    10. Edu-K In-Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence (7D) - 32 Hours

    (Follows on from previous courses). Needs to be repeated. See Training Schedule. This exciting kinesiology class expands the (basic) BG101 three dimensions of Laterality, Centering and Focus to add breadth and depths by exploring four new dimensions. These four dimensions include motivation, breathing reflex, cranial movement and body regulation. It expands your balancing framework, increasing the Learning/change tools menu. This course includes demonstrations, guided practice and hands-on experience of how each dimension can support or block new learning and change for yourself and others. This course will enhance your personal and professional skills in Kinesiology and help to integrate the principles of whole brain learning into your own processes. Open to students who have taken previous Brain Gym® training. Pre-requisite for Educational Kinesiology Consultant qualification. 

    11. Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum - 32 Hours

    Designed for those who wish to develop and successfully teach Brain Gym® in a class or private format. This course provides the prospective BG Instructor or Educational Kinesiology Consultant with instruction in BG theory, teaching methods, and procedures within the framework of an action plan for achieving professional goals. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym​ 101 twice, 24 hours of Level 1 electives, Optimal Brain Organisation, 40 hours of Level 2 electives, Edu-K In Depth (twice), 32 hours of Level 3 electives, and have completed required case studies and balances.

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