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Training is offered online or in person across multiple cities in New Zealand. Some Instructors can travel to present courses (number dependent) in person within smaller communities. Contact your local Instructor to find out whether this could be an option.   


Some courses have prerequisites. If you're unsure whether you meet the relevant requirements, please check with the Instructor. 


We occasionally offer other specialty courses such as; Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi), Touch for Health Kinesiology or BAL-A-VIS-X. If there isn't one currently scheduled, enquire through your local Instructor so they know you're interested.

Pathways to Learning.

Monitoring of Standards

  • Students are taught by registered Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym Instructors.

  • Only Faculty teach advanced courses such as; EID301 - Educational Kinesiology In Depth and P401 - Practicum.

  • All Educational Kinesiologists / Brain Gym Instructors must be members of Educational Kinesiology ( Brain Gym) NZ Inc. and adhere to their standards. 

  • Continuing professional development is a requirement for both Educational Kinesiologists / Brain Gym Instructors and Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitators. 

We schedule hybrid (online and in-person) courses all year round, from introductory workshops to professional member training. If you can't find a date for the workshop you'd like to attend, please contact a Faculty Member.

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