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Brain Gym Resources

We've compiled our top associated Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym websites for you to explore.

Breakthroughs International is a non-profit organisation based in Santa Barbara, California. It encompasses a wide range of approaches and non-invasive interventions including the Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym programmes. There are lots of resources available across the site including programmes information.

Hearts At Play - Move, Learn, Bloom is the website of Paul and Gail Dennison - Founders of Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym. This resource site has been created to provide the educational philosophy of learning through movement. There is a great deal of Educational Kinesiology wisdom to explore on this site.

Equilibrium is a mail order business that has been publishing & distributing Kinesiology material in Australia and overseas for over 37 years. It has an extensive range of Kinesiology & related materials in the world.

Breakthroughs International recognises a number of other relevant training programmes to further your education. These include:


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