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PACE the Perfect Saviour

Enacting PACE with passion, spontaneity and positive energy sparked off a lovely positive energy around the room. I seized the moment when the principal agreed to giving me a quick moment to talk to the staff about Brain Gym. We started off with PACE. I demonstrated, explained and described the meaning of each movement. So PACE became the focus of the session.

In context, PACE was the SAVIOUR of the day.

Friday morning was an absolutely gloomy one in Auckland. The weather was unsettled and the rain was continuously pouring down outside. It was the onset of “A state of emergency being declared in Auckland."

The PACE session really went well. Positive feedback from the principal, the staff including the maths facilitator was present, who commented this.

I am definitely implementing PACE as an introduction to my Professional Development sessions with teachers. It is simple, and it makes sense. It definitely made a difference to myself and the atmosphere in the room.

In my next session, I aim to present a few PowerPoint slides showing the 30 teachers and 20 learning assistants how my students received their daily dosage of Brain Gym. Explaining the effectiveness of the Brain Gym movements and share a few success stories.


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