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Creative Vision

Creative Vision
No. Hours
$525. Repeat $300
About the Course

The Creative Vision Workshop explores the use of the advanced Educational Kinesiology process to improve visual information processing by unveiling hidden perceptual gifts blocked by the survival mechanism.

Educational Kinesiology is intrinsically a non-invasive process that recognises each person’s adaptation to his or her life experiences as part of a complex and personal pattern. The Creative Vision workshop has proven its value as a tool for the release of visual/postural compensations and the re-establishment of whole brain visual processing.

Creative Vision presents a subjective and objective exploration of the student’s visual capacity. Developed in the course of Dr Paul Dennison’s one-on-one consultations, Creative Vision was first taught as The Art of Seeing in 1985. It has consistently met with a very enthusiastic response.

Techniques you will learn:

• In Depth Vision Training

• Homolateral Reflex Repatterning

• Movement re-education of the scapula, neck flexors and eye muscles

• Edu-K eye points

• And more


• Experience dynamic personal growth and change in your vision of life. Many people notice

measureable, immediate changes in their vision

• New and expanded understanding of the pre-checks and educational opportunities in the

Laterality, Centering, Focus and Motivation Dimensions

• Gain new understanding of vision and movement and how they relate to learning, reading and

other life skills.

  • EID301 - Educational Kinesiology In Depth

  • VC220 - Vision Circles recommended

Your Instructor

Margaret Underwood
Margaret Underwood

Margaret is an Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym Instructor from New Zealand. She has been teaching and consulting in this area for over 20 years. Margaret trained with Dr Paul Dennison and his wife Gail Dennision and Glenys Leadbeater to teach Creative Vision.

Margaret is International Faculty for New Zealand. She teaches Brain Gym 101, Vision Circles, OBO, Double Doodle Play, Educational Kinesiology In Depth, Practicum and Creative Vision.

A student and teacher of Tai Chi Chuan for 40 years in addition to a variety of other modalities which help inform her Educational Kinesiology work, Margaret loves teaching.

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