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Brain Gym® 

Brain Gym® is an internationally recognised programme used to coordinate the brain and body for improved learning in many different skills including listening, attention, memory, coordination and academic skills. It's part of a mind-body programme called Educational Kinesiology.

Join our team of Educational Kinesiologists

We have an annual conference and opportunities for ongoing professional learning in New Zealand. Plus we are part of a professional international body that promotes the importance of movement and learning. 

Movement and learning; applying Brain Gym® everyday.

Brain Gym® movements can be taught in schools, in the workplace, in rest homes. Contact us to find out how Brain Gym® could help your workplace, students and/or clients.

Interested in joining our team? Email us today!

What is Educational Kinesiology?

Educational Kinesiology is a comprehensive mind/body integration programme that uses movement to enhance our abilities and confidence—in learning, sport, performing arts, communication, or whatever our personal challenges may be.  It helps us build and/or access better communication within mind and body.  It enables us to discover and enhance the physical skills of our own learning in a self-directed way.  It can be used equally effectively with children and adults. 

Kinesiologists use the tool of muscle checking to work with clients one to one. 

Educational Kinesiologists have completed the core training and are required to be registered with Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®) NZ inc. 

International events, professional forums 

We are connected to a global network  of Educational Kinesiologists and Brain Gym® experts, We attend conferences and support one another to grow as practitioners

Become a certified Brain Gym® Practitioner


We offer a full outline of courses that you can complete to become a certified Brain Gym® practitioner. 

Continuous learning and referrals

We offer courses every year to help you grow your knowledge in Educational Kinesiology as well as a directory for others to contact you and grow your practice

What is Brain Gym®

The Brain Gym Programme is part of Educational Kinesiology. There are 26 Brain Gym® movements, which are intentional movements to support everyday living, that can support individuals to improve their lives in terms of easier movement, posture,  sensory processing, lower stress levels and other physical tasks we perform on daily basis. It is suitable for young children all the way through to seniors.   Positive results may be observed and noticed by the individual in a short period of time after doing the movements. Longer lasting changes may result from regular practice of the movements.  


The Brain Gym® programme was developed by  Dr Paul and Gail Dennison. in the 1980s and has now gone global.  Many people have gone on to consult and instruct after experiencing the benefits for themselves and their families.   

Who is it for?

Those wanting to address stress and anxiety in their lives

  • Learners of all ages who want to improve their skills and confidence

  • Teachers and students who  want to use  Brain Gym® movements  in their classrooms

  • Early Childhood teachers who want to improve foundation movement skills with pre-schoolers 

  • Sports people who want to improve  performance 

  • Business people and Educators who want improved organisational skills 

  • Parents to support children to improve handwriting, coordination,  academic learning

  • Professionals working with stroke or head injury clients or the needs of seniors


Brain Gym® Instructors are skilled at adapting the Brain Gym® movements for different age groups with different needs. Contact your local Consultant

“To live is to move.”
Dr Paul Dennison (PhD), Founder of Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology

"I can ride my bike and start and stop by myself. It feels good!"

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