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A Series of Educational Kinesiology Stories

Over the coming months, we will be sharing personal stories from our Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym NZ community. Covering how individuals found this life changing modality and their journey to date.

We hope you enjoy!

Helene Young, Educational Kinesiologist New Zealand

Margaret Underwood's story.

What started me on the road to becoming an Educational Kinesiologist?

A Tai Chi student of mine, a kinesiologist, showed me how to do the buttons (Brain Buttons, Earth Buttons and Space Buttons) one day after a class in the late 1980s. She gave me a simple explanation of how they worked to help the brain and body become better coordinated.

A few days later an athlete who came to Tai Chi was struggling to learn a new movement. She could do the bottom half of the movement and the top half separately, but she couldn’t put the two together.

After 5 minutes I remembered Earth Buttons.

We did that together briefly and bingo, she could do the movement perfectly – top and bottom halves working together in unison. I went home and thought about that.

Ever since I have used the buttons to start my Tai Chi classes. It has saved me time, made learning easier for folks and they in turn have shared them with family and friends.

I was hooked. Anything that speeded up learning to that degree I was keen to learn more about.

Today, I use Brain Gym daily in my personal life, with all my students - no matter what I am teaching (Tai Chi, education workshops, Brain Gym, Reiki, etc).

Having trained as an Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant over 20 years ago I also use it with one on one clients.

I like to start my day with 100 Cross Crawl Sit-ups before I get out of bed.

I encourage my 101 year old mother to use it often as well (her mind is just fine, a little short term memory loss, but her cognitive faculties are quite in order).

If I’m running low in energy I do Brain Gym. If I need to refocus on an activity - I reach for my Brain Gym movements.

Flying in turbulence I use the Hook Up to calm my fellow passengers. I teach it to everyone I meet who looks like they might need it.

I love Brain Gym because it is easy, requires no special equipment and most importantly it works! It is also one of the fastest ways I have discovered to bring about change in your life, with grace and ease.

I’m a Consultant and Teacher of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc., you can read more about me and my qualifications here.

If you would like to work with me, please reach out via email or via my mobile: +64 21 237 4550


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