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A Series of Educational Kinesiology Stories

Over the coming months we will be sharing personal stories from our Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym NZ community. Covering how individuals found this life changing modality and their journey to date.

We hope you enjoy!

Helene Young, Educational Kinesiologist New Zealand

Helene Young's story.

I first started on my Kinesiology journey in 1980, with two left feet, high anxiety and in retrospect some tendencies of hyperactivity!

In 1991, while working with Young Unemployed I was sent to my first Brain Gym training which was revolutionary. To date, I could not swim without stopping for breath.

My goal was to swim a length and breathe with ease. After practicing the Brain Gym movements, I could feel the difference in my before and after movements but did not believe that simple exercise could make a difference!

At lunchtime I drove to the pool and YES I could do it!
Swimming New Zealand

Since then I have travelled to courses and conventions across Australia, Switzerland, France and Canada. All life enhancing experiences!

I believe it is the ‘best thing since sliced bread’, and delivers far more than one expects. It creates balance, harmony and teaches incredible tools for personal change, resilience and life balance.

I can report, I no longer have two left feet and I’m far less hyperactive.

I have used Brain Gym with children, adults, teenagers, colleagues and of course, myself.

In work places, schools, car parks, in critical incident call outs and in homes with developmentally delayed children! At 74, I call myself a provocateur/space changer.

Space Changer

I absolutely love seeing the power to change lives in a flash and the ongoing empowerment Educational Kinesiology can bring to lives. It has taught me that miracles happen every single day.

Clear boundaries empower us all. If we set goals we enable our self to achieve them. Being true to ourselves and open to loving unconditionally.

I’m a Consultant and Teacher of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc., you can read more about me and my qualifications here.

If you would like to work with me face to face in New Plymouth or via Zoom, please reach out via my mobile, 0275397359.


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