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A Series of Educational Kinesiology Stories

Over the coming months we will be sharing personal stories from our Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym NZ community. Covering how individuals found this life changing modality and their journey to date.

We hope you enjoy!


Jean Jordan's consultant photo

Jean Jordan's story.

A Life Changing Experience - With Educational Kinesiology.

Educational Kinesiologists don't work with patients or clients, we work with learners. We believe life is about learning, in fact learning from experience and intentional movements. This not only means people who come to us for help, but we as Educational Kinesiologist Consultants are also the learners, trainers and faculty members.

The effect of Educational Kinesiology can be life changing. It changed mine.

In 2015 I was upgrading my skills with a course called 'Optimal Brain Organisation'. This course explores how people hold their pens and how they move their hands across the page. And as I said above it's about experiential learning.

Lady writing in her journal

The activity we did was very simple; we had to write a four-part story. But the constraints were; to get a sheet of paper, fold it into four and write separately on each quadrant, without looking at the rest of the writing. Also, two parts of the four were written with our dominant hand, that's the usual hand with which we write, and two parts of the four were written with our non-dominant hand, in my case my left hand. Lastly, we had to hold the pen differently each time.

You may be thinking, so she did some writing and she used both hands. What on earth was life changing about that?

As I went through this exercise my brain constructed a story. Briefly, it was to do with a fountain in the centre of a town square, it was first frozen and then it exploded. Surprising the people who lived around the town square.

We took turns reading our stories aloud to the group. When I opened up my paper and read the four sections, unbeknownst to me, it had become a continuous story. When I read it out loud to the group after an initial stunned silence, I was showered with praise, accompanied by amazement. It was that creative. To have praise from my peers to such an extent changed something about me.

Group praising speaker

It is now 2023 and also post COVID-19, which changed a lot of things for a lot of people. For myself, I am now a health blogger writing to educate and provide self-help techniques for those people who live with chronic pain.

I believe without the brain gym experience, without the positive reaction of my peers on the training course, this person who is, in fact, dyslexic, would not be taking this amazing step into a new online business. Everyone will read and judge my writing, but that no longer matters, as the important thing is to get the message out to those experiencing pain.

I’m a Consultant and Teacher of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Inc., you can read more about me and my qualifications here.

If you would like to work with me face to face in Christchurch or via Zoom, please reach out via my website or email:


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